Industrial Valve Repair, a Changing & Challenging Business

In the next fifteen years, we guess the industry to build on the advances of the last fifteen, additional contributing to meet the planets need for food, clean water, energy, and food.

What’s shaping the valve industry right now? Firms that trust on the valve business have replaced radically in the past fifteen years. Globalization, nationalizations, and industry consolidation have created larger, international firms with different expectations of their suppliers. In feedback, the valve business is being shaped to meet these developing customer requirements to provide reliable technical support, local services, and product selection wherever the customer is


As resources become oil, scarcer, and gas, power, mining firms will continue to spread to the most remote parts of the planet to gain access to resources. The globalization of customers in the past decade has been quick in all of these industries, and they are now guessing consistent levels of support and service worldwide. These firms will need established international suppliers capable to keep pace and meet their growing and special demands.valves and fittings

International customers also need local services. This will push firms to consider locating near customer to provide the critical services they need to grow their businesses. As customer supplement their deficiency of internal professional resources with external providers, they will actually need even more local service and support.

Another trend we are viewing as an outcome of globalization is increased consolidation among suppliers. The industrial valve market is very fragmented with 1000s of producers. Even the biggest producer, Tyco Flow Control, accounts for less than ten percent of the industry’s sales. This will replace, anyway, as suppliers expand internationally to mirror their customer’s organizations.

Product evolution

Items will also progress in keeping with customer requirements in the industries that are served. For example, in pursuit of higher efficiency, fresh power plants are being designed to operate a higher forces and temperatures that need new product materials and designs of construction; the gas and oil industry is father offshore and drilling deeper, need products that can operate rightly under such situations; mining industries need items that can withstand corrosive materials for higher periods between service operations and so on.

Looking ahead

The valve industry and double block and bleed valve has a remarkable history, having helped conquer some of the most tricky engineering issues faced by mankind. Fresh challenges definitely lie ahead, but they will definitely be overcome with the same perseverance and ingenuity that are a feature of the industry.

Industrial Valve Repair, a Changing & Challenging Business

Valve producers will continue to tackle these challenges, adapting services and products to meet the changing demands and needs of each customer industry. Whatever the change may be ever-higher pressures or temperatures, new atmosphere, increased emissions standards, size changing safety or weight needs – the valve industry will continue to develop better solutions. The industry has thrived and thrived under such situations for more than 4,000 years. We are positive that the industry will continue to prosper in the next fifteen.

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